1895 Cajun Cuisine and Pub

1895 Cajun Cuisine and Pub recently opened in the shopping center near Party Time & Counter Culture. We were originally planning to have lunch at Counter Culture this particular day, but one of my friends Tammy saw this restaurant and asked if we had ever tried this restaurant. Well we decided to give this restaurant a try. 

Honestly, as a food blogger, you would have think that I knew about this new place. But, I am shame to say that I had never heard of this place. This past few months have been super busy for me, but I am picking up blogging again. Looking forward to some great places that have opened lately. 

Upon entrance into 1895, I must say that I was very impressed with the setup. Nice and clean restaurant with an elegant look. There was a good crowd of people there at lunch time. We were greeted by a friendly young lady who seated us immediately. 

She went over the special for the day and left us to look over the menu. The menu was very impressive there was such a variety of options to choose from. Because we had work to do afterwards, I decided to do something light so I wouldn't be stuffed. Lol

I decided on the sausage and chicken gumbo with rice, potato salad and a roll. If a restaurant can cook a good gumbo in my eyes, there other food will be delicious as well. Boy was I correct. The gumbo was superb. The gumbo was prepared with chicken breast that was shredded and andouille sausage. The roux was a beautiful brown. The taste of the roux was not heavy but amazing. The andouille sausage had a little kick. Great spice level. 

The rice, potato salad and bread were served on a plate. The potato salad was delicious as well. The bread was a french bread. I am not a fan of french bread but the bread wasn't bad at all.  

Daphne tried the special which consisted of pork tender loin or the pork roast with the green beans, yams and bread. Her plate looked amazing. Good ole' creole looking plate. Looking at the picture right now makes me want to go and cook some creole food. Lol. 

She said that her food was delicious. It definitely looked awesome! I did taste her yams and the yams were very good. I'm picky about my yams, but it was pretty good. The green beans looked awesome. I think that they were prepared with bacon and a little butter and seasoning. The meat had a beautiful brown color to it and appeared to be juicy and not dry on the inside. This plate was both colorful and presented well. 

My friend Tammy had the gumbo as well. She enjoyed her food as well. She decided on the cup of gumbo but even with the cup along with the rice, bread and potato salad wasn't a bad idea. Because it was a nice portion size as well.  

Overall 1895 was a nice place. My only complaint was that the chicken and sausage gumbo needed a little more shredded chicken. The food was fantastic. The restaurant is nice and clean. Great set up and friendly employees. I would definitely eat there again. I highly recommend it. 

The menu items range from fish tacos, sandwiches to po-boys, burgers. As well as Fish Acadiana, Pork Tenderloin, Tiliapa Lafayette, Appetizers. The list goes on and on. 

If you are looking for a quick meal for lunch this is a great place or even if you want a nice restaurant to enjoy with your loved ones or friends. This restaurant offers this versatility. 

The food was bought to the table fairly quickly and there are lunch specials to keep you on a budget. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The hours of operation for 1895 are Mondays 11am-2pm, Tuesdays- Thursdays 11am-9pm and Fridays-Saturdays 11:00 am-10pm & Sundays 11am-2pm. 1895 is located at 1895 West Pinhook Road, in Lafayette, 534-8955. 

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Dear Mrs. Dumas,

Thank you so very much for your review of our restaurant. We
sincerely appreciate your kind words and how elegantly you described
our food and the ambiance of the actual restaurant. 1895 has been a
dream of ours to open and to have a complete stranger describe it with
such fervor makes us feel as if our dream has become a success. We
believe that our hard work and sweat have paid off now that someone, as
yourself, can say such generous things about our food and the
atmosphere within the restaurant. You apparently are someone who is
experience in food critiquing which means even more to us that you were
able to really appreciate the special efforts that we put into our
food. Once again, thank you for such a great review of our restaurant
overall, and we hope to have you join us again and as often as you, as
well as your friends, have the opportunity to enjoy our food.

Greg and Sara Leger
Owners of 1895: Cajun Cuisine and Pub

Cajun food sounds very good to try out Greensboro Restaurant New Orleans Bar and Grill! OMG, Food is wonderful and so is the service.

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