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A few months ago I wrote a blog post on Mr. Keet's in Maurice, LA. Little did I know that a few weeks after my post I found out that the owners of Mr. Keet's would be opening a new location in Lafayette in the old Ryan's building. 

It took me a while to finally decide to try the new restaurant. When I received an email from Living Social about a discount deal I said, well I guess I will give it a try with the discount, because I didn't want to be disappointed like the first time. 

Last Tuesday, I was out running errands and I had an hour to kill before having to pick up my baby girl from school. Since I was in the area, I decided to give Mr. Keet's 2 a chance. Though I had the coupon, I was really hoping that the food would be much better. For two reasons, one I was starving, two I didn't want to have to write another bad review about their restaurant.

Mr. Keet's 2 looked great from the outside. Though Ryan's was there for so many years, it was good to see someone take over the old building and transform it into a great looking place.  Inside I loved the Cajun theme with The Rajun Cajuns being the center of attention.

I started with an appetizer. There were several to choose from like fried or grilled shrimp, oysters, crab fingers, catfish bites, etc..I  decided on the fried rice dressing balls. The fried balls are like boudin balls. The balls are made with rice dressing, battered and deep fried. The rice dressing balls were huge!

The balls were pretty good. The dipping sauce was awesome, but in my opinion would have been superb with catfish or shrimp. The balls were fried perfectly. The sauce wasn't a tartar sauce but similar to one. Pictured below.

The appetizer was slow coming out, but I will say it was pipping hot. It was fresh and wasn't just sitting in the back waiting to be placed on my table. The portion size was large. I only ate one ball because I wanted to save room for my entree.

After looking at the menu and trying to decide on what entree to choose, I decided on the Catfish 
Po-boy & onion rings. The food looked awesome. The Catfish Po-boy was served on french bread with a special sauce, lettuce and tomato. The catfish was grilled perfectly and seasoned to perfection. The house sauce was delicious. They definitely need to bottle that, I would buy it. 

My only disappointment was that the Po-boy could use a little more house sauce on it. I asked for a little more but it never arrived at the table. Lol.. 

The onion rings were homemade. The rings were golden brown and crispy without being over fried! I loved the onion rings at Mr. Keet's. 

One thing that I didn't like is there were no lunch specials. Which could be a downside for some who are going for lunch. Having a lunch special would help to draw a bigger crowd for lunch. Some of the entrees were overpriced for a lunch meal. Because most people don't want a large portion for lunch. So they could also offer a smaller size of the entrees.

The Po-boys and salads were reasonably priced. I will say, I am usually not much of a poboy eater because the poboy bread is usually hard, but Mr. Keet's 2 passed the test because the bread was fresh and soft. The portion size as you can see in the picture above was awesome. I only ate half of my poboy and a few of my onion rings because I wanted to save room for dessert.  The portion that I was served was enough for me to save for Brian to have as a snack after work. Kmsl.

The day I dined at Mr. Keet's 2 they were running a special, if you check in on Facebook at Mr. Keet's 2, your dessert is free. My mind was already set on trying dessert, but it was great that I could try on their dime. You could choose from the cheesecake or bread pudding. I love bread pudding so I choose bread pudding. The bread pudding was made from scratch with homemade rum sauce. The flavor of the bread pudding was superb. The only downside was that I like my bread pudding warm and the bread pudding was cold as well as the rum sauce. I would suggest to warm up the pudding and the sauce as well. But it was definitely tasty. One thing that was different about the bread pudding was that it had a topping that was similar to that of a meringue. A little different but delicious. 

Overall I was very impressed with the new restaurant. There are some areas that they need improvement in, but I would definitely recommend Mr. Keet's 2. 

One of the things I didn't like was that waitress who waited on me couldn't take her own order and the lady who I am assuming was the head waitress didn't have a very good attitude. Also my dessert was bought out while I was still eating. Which is definitely a no no for me because I like to enjoy each course without one sitting waiting. Lastly, my ticket was placed on the table way before I was finished eating. I felt a little rushed, so I asked one of the ladies who came out what time they closed? She said not till 9pm, I said oh.. I did feel rushed but I took my time and even wrote my notes before leaving. 

The setup near the bar area and the back of the restaurant was nice. There were 3 or 4 flat screen TV's which is perfect to watch the game. Allowing the people who may not want to watch the game to be separated on the opposite side of the restaurant. For those who drink, there is a nice bar area with TV's as well. 

Mr. Keet's 2 serves BBQ on Sundays, though I have never had the BBQ I will definitely pick up a plate one Sunday after church. The restaurant also serves seasonal seafood like Crab, Shrimp, Crawfish, Alaskan crabs, King Crab & Dungeness crab.  

My experience at Mr. Keet's 2  was much better than the Mr. Keet's in Maurice. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the quietness. The food was outstanding compared to the other location. I was pleasantly surprised that the food was so good. I can't believe I am saying this, but I would definitely recommend you give Mr. Keet's 2 a try.

Mr. Keet's 2 is located at 3253 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette LA, 534-4345. The hours of operation are Sunday-Thursday from 11am-9pm & Friday-Saturday from 11am-10pm. 

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