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I am so excited to be back blogging. It has been almost an entire month since I blogged. Our schedules have been ridiculously busy. Thankfully things are finally slowing down. I have so much material to blog on that I didn't know which one to choose. After much thought, I decided on the Taste of Thai Cuisine. 

Taste of Thai Cuisine is a Thai/Vietnamese Restaurant. This restaurant has been opened about 7 months or so. For those who may not know Thai food has a very pungent taste and the taste ranges from spicy to very sour to sweet to bitter. Thai menus include curries, BBQ, spicy dishes, noodle soups, salads and stir fried noodles. 

A few weeks ago, our Fall bible study started. After our bible study, I went to lunch with my friend Holly P and we decided on Thai food. Though initially we had our mind on two different Thai restaurants, Taste of Thai is the one we dined at in the end. Lol... I have seen this restaurant in passing a few times and really wanted to try this place.

Upon entrance into the restaurant, it is not big, but nice and clean. The workers are extremely friendly and they make you feel right at home. I arrived first, so I had an opportunity to really look around and observe the environment. There were a few people in the restaurant when I arrived. While I waited for my friend, I begin to look at the menu and there were many dishes to choose from.

The waitress offered something similar to a broth with chicken, chives and celery. This broth was complimentary. I don't recall the name of the broth, but it was very tasty. It had great flavor. Pictured below. 

As an appetizer we ordered the chicken wontons & the cream cheese wontons. The wontons were superb! The cream cheese wontons were some of the best I have ever had. The wontons were served with a sweet & spicy sauce. Delicious..

The chicken wontons were good as well. The wontons had chicken, cabbage & onions on the inside. This was also served with the special sauce.   

I ordered the Thai BBQ Shrimp. The shrimp was marinated & grilled and seasoned with special spices. The dish had onions and bell peppers as well.  Also served with white rice topped with chives, carrots & lettuce. Served with sweet chili sauce, soy sauce. 

The dish when placed in front of me, I was a little confused at how to eat it, but I eventually dove right in. I mixed the rice, the shrimp and some of the chili sauce together. Omg, Perfection.. I will say be mindful of how much you use if you don't like spice. Other than that, it was awesome!!

My friend Holly ordered the Vegetarian Pad Thai. It looked awesome, but I didn't eat any. She said it was delicious. Some of the best she has ever had. The Pad Thai included Rice noodles, eggs, bean sprout, garnished with green onions. The presentation was awesome. 

Overall the food was awesome. The environment was good as well. The owner/cook came out and spoke with us. She and the server were very polite and nice. We enjoyed a few laughs with them and they thanked us for coming.

I have not had the time to go again, but I definite plan on taking my husband to the restaurant.

Their restaurant is considered a Thai-Laos-Vietnam-Chinese. The menu offers a great variety of options. In addition, there is a lunch menu for $8.50.

Taste of Thai Cuisine is located at 924 Kaliste Saloom, Suite H & I, 233-1809. The restaurant is opened six days a week, Monday-Saturday from  10 am-9 pm.

Check this restaurant out. Like them on Facebook!!

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