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About a week ago the girls & I were out running errands and decided to try Twins. As many people know Twins was formerly known as Southside Bakery. Southside was known for their awesome burgers and desserts. 

For unknown reasons the restaurant closed abruptly for a few months. On the news, we heard that the restaurant would be changing hands and opening in a few months under another name. I was anticipating the opening, but was too busy to make it to the grand opening. 

Upon entrance in the new restaurant, I was impressed.  The decor was updated, new tables, chairs and new paint color. There was a nice outdoor seating area and a second door that was added on the side of the building. The restaurant didn't feel as congested as it did before. In addition, there are flat screen televisions, which will be perfect for those wanting to watch the football games now that football season has started. 

Twins doesn't have a very extensive menu but there is a nice variety of food options. Their menu offers hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey burgers, crawfish or crab burgers. In addition Twins gives the customer their choice between a few different cheese choices and toppings. Twins also offers a special burger or sandwich each day such as a Philly cheese steak or grilled cheese sandwich, just to name a few.  

We all decided on the burgers. Lil mama ordered a Jr Cheeseburger with American Cheese. The Jr Cheeseburger was fully dressed with mayo, mustard, lettuce & tomato. The burger buns were sweet and toasted. Lil mama ate most of her burger so that meant she enjoyed the burger.

My stepdaughter & I both ordered the Twins burger which consisted of a double meat patty, cheese of choice, mayo, mustard, lettuce & tomatoes. I chose the chipotle cheddar cheese & my stepdaughter decided on the American cheese. She enjoyed her burger, the platter was empty when she finished. Kmsl.

My Chipotle Cheddar burger pictured above was huge. I had no idea that the Twin burger would be so big. Omg. The burger looked awesome. The buns are made fresh daily. The bun was toasted nicely without being burnt or hard. The twin patties are grounded in house and were not greasy like some places. The patties were seasoned well and  char-grilled perfectly. 

The Chipotle cheddar cheese was absolutely delicious on the burger with the seasoning on the burger, combined with the spice of the cheese. I absolutely loved the burger. The patties as you can see pictured below was cooked perfectly without being dry. 

My overall impression of the burger was that it was excellent. I would definitely have a burger there again. I am actually looking forward to trying the Crab or Crawfish burger. 

I was very disappointed that Twins didn't have fries. What is a burger place with french fries? Just my opinion, if I will eat a burger, I may as well go all out and enjoy fries. But other than that the burgers were delicious.

Twins also offers desserts. There were about two cases are so with different types of desserts. Anything from sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, cupcakes, petit fours, just to name a few. But there are at least 30 different dessert options.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love desserts. I am weak when it comes to sweets. Lol. I decided that I would try a dessert, but only one. I chose the coconut lemon bar. The coconut lemon bar was ok. In my opinion, the coconut overwhelmed the lemon. I could barely taste the lemon. 

Lil mama wanted the ginger bread cookie with sprinkles. The ginger bread was very good,  not too sweet for the children. The ginger bread is pictured below. Very cute treat.

My stepdaughter chose the red velvet cupcake. The red velvet cupcake looked great, but I didn't taste it. Though it is one of my favorite cupcakes, I didn't want any. My stepdaughter said that the cupcake was delicious.

Overall our experience at Twins Burgers & Sweets was a pretty good one. The workers in my opinion were not very friendly. I believe that they can use some help in the customer service department. 

Other than that the food was superb, the delivery of the food came out in a timely manner. There was a steady flow of traffic during the time we were dining. 

One thing that I thought was cute is that you can take a picture with you and your family or whomever you are dining with in front of the twins sign and the picture is placed on a board. I thought that was a cute idea, though we chose not to do it, definitely a great idea. 

Twins is located in the South College Shopping Center at 2801 Johnston Street. The hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, 268-9488 or like Twins on Facebook to find out the special of the day and any added menu options. 

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I absolutely loved their burgers when it was Southside. Hoping these were just as good!

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