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Counter Culture is a new sandwich/snack shop in Lafayette. The menu consist of anything from salads to soups to hot or cold sandwiches. An assortment that provides something for the entire family. Counter Culture offers very healthy conscious items, made with fresh ingredients and choice meats. 

Upon arrival into the shop, I was very impressed with the custom wall murals. The art was very colorful but nicely done. The colors were beautiful. If I ever want a mural done, I would definitely want to use the person who did their art. I went up to the wall and tried to see imperfections & there was none. The work was amazing!! 

Pictured above is the grilled cheese sandwich. This is what lil mama ordered. She enjoyed the grilled cheese it was not her all time favorite one, but it was good. Counter Culture does not have a kids meal or menu items. So you will have to order a regular sandwich for your child. But price wise, it's not bad at all.

I ordered the steak and cheese (pictured above). The sandwich had thinly placed beef on top. When I first looked at the sandwich I was expecting something different but I was preoccupied when I ordered and didn't realize that it wasn't the typical steak sandwich. The sandwich was good, it wasn't great.

The sandwich was a poboy style bread, with beef, cheese, mustard and special dressing. The sandwich was a little dry. I think if there was more special dressing on top and a little more cheese, it would have been much better.

My mom ordered the smoked turkey sandwich. The sandwich consisted of smoked turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and mayo. She loved the sandwich. She said it was delicious and the sprouts added a good texture and taste to her sandwich.

I love soup, so I decided to try their soup. Pictured above is the broccoli and cheese soup. The soup was delicious. Creamy, with chunks of broccoli and cheesy, superb soup. I would definitely order that again. I am looking forward to trying the other soup choices.

When ordering yogurt, you can see all the topping choices while they are preparing your yogurt. As you can see in the picture above there is a variety of choices to choose from. Anything from fruit to candy, etc. can be placed on your yogurt.

Counter Culture is the home of the Humphrey's Yogurt.  The Humphrey is yogurt topped with your choice of three fresh fruit toppings, granola and honey.

I chose bananas, strawberries & peaches for my yogurt. The yogurt was tarty, creamy with lots of fruit. The granola added a nice texture and the honey added a nice sweetness. In my opinion, the yogurt is taste specific, everyone will not like the tartness of the yogurt. But overall the Humphrey's wasn't bad at all. All the combined flavors were very good together.

In addition, Counter Culture also offers different yogurt flavors each day. Like them on Facebook to receive all their post concerning their new menu items and flavors.

Overall my impression of Counter Culture was good. Though I didn't like my sandwich, I think it depends on which sandwich you order. My mom loved her sandwich. The soup was delicious and the yogurt was good!

Counter Culture also serves salads.

The hours of operation for Counter Culture is Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday 11am-9pm & Sunday 11am-8pm. Located at 1899 West Pinhook Road. The Contact number is 337-534-8211.

One of my favorite things about this place is that there is a driveway, so if you are in a hurry order ahead and drive and pick up your order. This is a good alternative to fast food and a healthier choice. I definitely recommend you check out this place.

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