Ruth Chris-Anniversary

This past Tuesday was our Anniversary, so my honey made reservations to take me to Ruth Chris. On Tuesday, the forecast was calling for 90% chance of rain & flood warning from 4:00pm-9:00pm. The weather was supposed to be really bad. My husband's job closed early to allow time for people to get home. Well we debated whether we should cancel our reservations or just take a chance & go. Well we decided  to go an hour earlier. Thankfully, there was an early reservation & our baby sister came early. So off we went for what turned out to be an amazing dinner.

Ruth Chris has been one of my favorite places to eat for special occasions. The food is served with such class & elegance. We arrived at the restaurant & the hostess seated us very quickly. The hostess wished us a Happy Anniversary. Ruth Chris pays attention to details. Our table was decorated with confetti, which was a nice touch.

We started with some hot bread & butter. Our choice of drink was fresh squeezed lemonade. The lemonade was thirst-quenching. Some people don't care what they drink with their food, but I love speciality drinks (non-alcohol) or fresh drink with my meal.

There were so many choices for appetizers. All of which sounded so delicious.  We decided on the Barbecue shrimp. The shrimp was prepared in butter, spices and reduced white wine sauce. Not what you would think of with the name Barbecue shrimp. But it was very delicious. The sauce was delicious and perfectly prepared. The appetizer also came with a crusted garlic toast. The portion size was an ideal amount because the shrimp were large. We were utterly pleased with this dish.

We took quite awhile to decide what we wanted to eat. So many amazing choices, I was torn between the lamb chops & the lobster. After much thought & consideration I decided on the Lamb chops with a lobster tail. Lobster is one of my favorite things to eat, but I love, love Lamb Chops.  Every few months or so, I prepare Lamb Chops at home. One of my absolute top dishes to eat/or prepare.

The waitress we had was very subtle. She never interrupted our conversation. She would pass by the table with such grace to check our drink levels. I thought it was so funny. Her service was impeccable. Mrs. Roxanne placed the above item on the table. So cute, heated butter on a really cute dish with the lemon on each side wrapped in cheese cloth. A very nice touch. Usually most restaurants just bring out the butter on the side.

The above dish is my Lamb Chops & lobster with mint jelly (not pictured). I love my Lamb Chops cooked medium-well. When I say the chops were perfectly cooked, juicy & moist. Meat that melts in your mouth. The outside of the meat had a nice crust on the outside, with a little charr.

It was great to enjoy a lobster tail in addition to my Lamb Chops. The lobster was nicely prepared, soft and tender. For my readers who have never had lobster, lobster is very similar to shrimp in texture.  Lobster is a great addition to any meal. I have had lobster at other places locally and Ruth Chris is one of the best places to have lobster.

My husband ordered the Ribeye. A ribeye is a great piece of meat when it is prepared properly. I took a small bite of his steak. My description of the steak would be deliciously, juicy with a marbled, crusted outside. Mmmm.. Good. The Ribeye looked like the Chef used a meat spritzer on it to give it a shine. Of course, I have no idea if he did or not, but the plate looked amazing!!

Our sides were broccoli & cheese au gratin & loaded baked potatoes. The sides were not as good as the entrees & appetizers. But it was ok. The broccoli was a little hard, but the cheese sauce was delicious. If they would have steamed the broccoli a little longer it would have been superb. 
There was nothing special about the baked potato. Normal toppings cheese, butter, sour cream, chives. The sides were big enough for two people to share. We enjoyed our entrees to the point that we barely touched the sides.

To our surprise, Ruth Chris provided us with a dessert as a treat for our anniversary. We were both surprised when Mrs. Roxanne placed the dish on the table. So sweet.

The dessert plate consisted of chocolate mousse topped with homemade whip cream, raspberry sorbet & fresh fruit in cream. Wow.. An amazing plate of dessert. Every one of the mini-desserts were absolutely delicious. My favorite was the fresh fruit, strawberries, blackberries & raspberries. The cream tasted like a condensed milk mixture. It was so good! My husband loved the raspberry sorbet. Sorbet is a refreshing, frozen dessert that is made with sweetened water flavored with fruit. Some restaurants use liquor or wine in their sorbet. Our sorbet was non- alcoholic. I loved the chocolate drizzle on the plate. Very nice touch. Presentation is everything!!

Overall we had an amazing dinner. I don't think we have ever gone to Ruth Chris and not enjoyed our meal. Everything is always dynamic, the service, the food, the atmosphere. Simply put, first class environment. If you have a special evening coming up with your sweetheart or you want to treat your husband, Ruth Chris is a great choice!!

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Ruth's Chris...ahhhh, I didn't think you'd run across a place so close to my man's heart. He loves, loves, loves Ruth's Chris. I was actually thinking about taking him there soon. I know he has been dying to go. I agree, they are always top notch. I also agree that the sides aren't as great as the appetizers and the main course. We love the stufffed mushrooms as an appetizer. He is also a lover of lamb, but hasn't tried it here. He always has his heart set on the steak. God forbid I ask for'd have a fit. He considers it an insult to their steaks. Which, they do taste great without the steak sauce but is it really that serious? lol. Thanks for blogging on Ruth's've enticed me to go ahead with my plans. And yes, the dessert was a great surprise!! They really take pride in having excellent service and pleasing the guest!!! Although...we do pay the PRICE for it!!!!LOL

Kmsl..That's funny! Ruth Chris is amazing. So I can see why he likes it so much. Make that happen friend. Take him. He would be ecstatic. I've never had the stuffed mushrooms, but I will definitely check that out. Lol. He's right, u never ask for A1 at a Steakhouse. The steak is suppose to have all the juices you need. Well that's confirmation that you need to take him. Yes very pricey but so worth it.. Thanks for responding to my blog friend!

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