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Last week was Spring Break and we had a week full of fun events. Thursday was our errands day, so we decided to have a late lunch at Pizza Artista. Pizza Artista has been open for a few weeks now. As we walked up to the restaurant, I was very impressed with the appearance of the restaurant on the outside. 

The outdoor area was nice. There were a few tables under the covered entrance as well as some tables that were in the open spaces. 

One thing that caught my eye was the Logo. I love the Logo Design. The Logo appears to be a Pizza with a Hand on it. Very cool. Before entering the building we were already drawn into the Pizza Artista Experience. 

Pizza Artista has a board that is nicely decorated with a list of the Chef Specials or suggested Pizzas for the day. The day we dined, The Swamp Daddy and the Kung Pao Chicken were the Chef Specials. Baby Girl and I decided to Create our Own. 

The Color Scheme on the inside was very eye catching. The Owners definitely cared about every detail and design for their new restaurant. Everything from the light fixtures to tables and chairs, the kids area, the finishing station. So nice!

As we approached the counter, I noticed that there were so many choices. I will be honest, initially I was a bit overwhelmed because I hate choosing anything quickly. Lots of pressure. But for the person that feels like me, don't worry. There was a list of Speciality Pizzas that you can choose from.

As you can see from the pictures above the there is over 25 topping options. Pizza Artista guarantees that their products consist of the freshest ingredients.

There was everything from Andouille sausage, Pepperoni,  Salami, Tasso, Cajun Sausage, just to name a few of the meat options. For the Cheeses, Cheddar, America, Ricotta, Feta and a Vegan Cheese. So many options to choose from, there is no reason everyone can't build a pizza that fits there Dining needs. 

There was over 10 Veggies to choose from. Anything from Mushrooms, Onions, Roasted Garlic, Olives Artichokes, Chives, Carrots, the list goes on and on. One thing that I love about all the options was there is something for everyone. The veggies are Farm Approved on Crop Maintenance. 

We were greeted by a Young man who was very knowledgeable about everything I asked. As  a food blogger, I usually ask a lot of questions. But he was patient and very polite. He was very engaging with our daughter as she chose her pizza topping options.

As we know a good pizza starts with the freshest dough. Pizza Artista dough is made fresh daily with unbleached flour for a Neapolitan style crust. Baby Girl decided on Pepperoni and Italian sausage on white dough with traditional red sauce and Cheddar and American cheese. 

The Pizza is placed in the Wood Burning Oven and fully cooked in 1.5 minutes - 3 minutes.  I love that we can see our pizza going to the oven. What a great visual. Baby Girl loved it. 

The pizza looked great. My daughter kept raving on and on about how delicious the pizza was. The cheese was gooey as she pulled it apart. Definitely a winner with her! I took a bite of her pizza and I must say, though it was a simple pizza, it was so good. 

The kids pizza's are 8". Regular pizza's are about 10.5". This is the only sizes that they have for now.  

I decided on a Wheat Crust. He removed the dough from the sealed container and placed it in a machine that basically formed the pizza dough shape. I loved being able to see my pizza built right in front. All the ingredients was a great visual to see as you choose toppings.

My pizza was on wheat, with Alfredo sauce, Andouille sausage, smoked sausage, red onions, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese. The pizza looked amazing! 

After my pizza was taken out of the Wood burning oven, I was offered the option to complete my pizza with Finishes. The finishes that were available were Sea Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil Drizzle, Basil, Parsley, Cilantro,  Pesto Drizzle, Himalayan Pink Salt and BBQ Sauce Drizzle. I choose Sea Salt and Pepper, Olive Oil and Cilantro.

My pizza was absolutely delicious. I was very impressed with the pizza and the fresh ingredients. So good. Our dining experience as a whole was awesome. As we entered, until we left. The staff was friendly and answered any questions I had willingly. 

There was a limited amount of Desserts available. The dessert options were a Cherry Pie pictured to the left. I didn't try it, but a staff member was warming the pie for someone else. I asked for a picture. It looked really good.

My daughter tried the chocolate cake pop. But it wasn't good. The cake pop was crumbling and falling all over. That's the only disappointed during our visit. But I know it's a starting point for them. I asked about the Desserts. They are not made in house. But there are plans to eventually have a dessert pizza once Pizza Artista is well established. I would suggest a apple pie or cinnamon strudel or cinnamon roll. Simple desserts, but delicious.

The Tips container was super cute as well.
I loved all the details.

There is a hand washing station on the floor for you to wash your hands while you wait on your pizza. The hand washing machine is pretty cool.

The kids station consisted of a brown sheet with different types of activities for the children to complete. There are also colors near the station for the kids. I love this idea.

Overall we were thoroughly impressed with Pizza Artista. I have been back since we first went and I was equally impressed the second time. The staff even recognized me. So that let's me know that they value their customers and we are not just a dollar to them.

I would recommend possibly having a bigger pizza option for the families that are larger and want to share a pizza.

The outdoor area is very nice, but the lack of cover will limit how many people dine with them during the summer. I would suggest umbrellas for the tables that are not under the small covered area. 

Pizza Artista also has Gluten free options. Which is a great plus, because so many people are looking for Gluten Free Options. For Vegans there are many choices for you guys as well. There are salads as well. You can choose 8 toppings for their create your own salad menu. 

Pizza Artista is definitely a Family-Friendly Restaurant that is reasonable priced. I definitely recommend that you try this place. 

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Lobster ME, "Incredible Lobster Rolls"

Lobster ME is an Incredible restaurant that is located within the Venetian near the Food Court. We had just finished a fun filled day of shopping and purchasing new items for our online store at the Las Vegas Fashion week. After such a long day, we were tired. So we decided to pick up something and take it to the room. Lobster Me was on the way to our hotel room so we decided to try it.

Though we didn't dine in, we were well taken care of by the servers. There was a guy and a girl who saw to it that we had everything we needed to enjoy a delicious dinner in the comfort of our hotel room.

Brian decided to try The Cajun Lobster roll. This roll consisted of chilled lobster meat and a cajun mayo with a variety of spices. The dish came was served with fries topped with cheese, tomatoes, and chives. In addition to coleslaw. Overall the dish was presented well. The lobster roll was absolutely delicious. I am not sure if they make their own rolls but it was delicious. The lobster itself was very good, it wasn't tough. The mayo and spices that accompanied the dish complimented it well. Overall superb dish.

Baby Girl decided on the Lobster Grilled Cheese. A very interesting choice. She took a few bites and was done with it. Though she likes grilled cheese she wasn't impressed. I did try the grilled cheese. I thought it was good but a little rich. I couldn't eat a whole one like that but the sandwich had a good taste.

Finally I decided on to try the Original Maine Lobster Roll. The Lobster cooked and tossed in butter topped with cilantro.  Served with Coleslaw, a lemon and instead of fries I ordered the Lobster Bisque. The Bisque was absolutely delicious. Great flavor and consistency. The coleslaw was good too. I do not like coleslaw that much but as a whole it was good. I squeezed the lemon on top of the lobster roll. Tasty and one of the best Lobster rolls I have ever had. 

Overall I loved the appearance of Lobster ME's restaurant. It was a very cute set up. The service was incredible. The crowd coming in and out was very consistent. Some people dined in and others ordered quick service. 

The wait was minimal as well. I think from the time we arrived to the time we left was a total of 10 minutes. 

Lobster Me is Located at  GRAND CANAL SHOPPES AT THE VENETIAN, 3377 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109, 702-912-0777

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Buddy V's Ristorante Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas for Fashion Week. As you know, you can't visit Las Vegas and not try all the delicious food. Prior to leaving for the trip we researched several of the restaurants. We had a list and we chose from our list daily as to where we would dine. 

This particular night we decided on Buddy V's new restaurant in the Venetian. My mind was on the Desserts. I didn't care about anything else but the Desserts. Don't Judge, that's my weakness.

We arrived at the Restaurant a few minutes early. But we were seated within 10 minutes or so. There was a wait when we arrived. So I am glad that we made reservations. 

The restaurant had a very homely feel. Photos of Buddy's V's family was placed through out the restaurant when we walked in. He gave the guest a glimpse into the life of Buddy V. I loved that idea. I am a very family oriented women. So this was a great touch in my eyes.

Buddy V aka the Cake Boss is most known for his delicious cakes and beautiful designs. The Cake Boss can do almost any design you can think of. The display of cakes were beautifully done. This made me super excited. I couldn't wait to try the desserts. Who needs food, when you are in the Cake Boss' Ristorante. For those who may not know, Ristorante is Italian Restaurant. A little Italian history. 

The dinner started with some fresh homemade garlic parmesan bread. Served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed together. OMG. So so good! I could have eaten just the bread, it was that good.

We decided not to order any appetizers because we wanted to enjoy our food.  My little girl order the Homemade Meatballs with Tomato Sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese. Baby Girl said that the pasta was delicious. I took a bite of the meatball and I will say that the meat mixture was delicious.

I decided to go with the Valastro Sunday Gravy. Wow. Is one of the best ways I could describe it. The dish was packed with flavor. The dish consisted of Meatball, Sausage, Lamb and Pork in a delicious homemade marinara type sauce. This is one of Buddy's Family recipes. The dish is served with a bowl of Rigatoni pasta topped with fresh parmesan and basil. Superb. My mouth is watering thinking about this dish. 

My husband ordered the Roasted Sea Bass with Cured Lemon, an Arugula salad with pine nuts and tomatoes.  The Sea Bass was cooked perfectly and had a nice crust on the outside; nicely seasoned.

For dessert I ordered Lisa's Warm Nutella Cake with Chocolate Sauce, Hazel Nut Praline Crunch , topped with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. This dessert was on my top 5 list of best Desserts. I didn't expect any less from the Cake Boss. But this dish surpassed my expectations.

My husband's dessert was the Warm Apple Tart. I will say, my husband has never ever refused me food. But he almost didn't share this one with me, because it was so good. This dish was similar to a pot pie but in a dessert form. The dessert had a buttery, flaky crust filled with apples and cinnamon, topped with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. He was blown away by this dish. Buddy V's Dessert creations were amazing!!

Overall our dining experience at Buddy V's was top notch. From the beginning to the end it was one of our best restaurant experiences. The only thing I didn't like is that where we were seated, our neighbors were right next to us. So we could hear their conversations as the could do the same. But thats the only down side to the dining experience.

I loved that you can see into the kitchen while your food is being prepared. The entire set up for the restaurant was perfectly thought out. The Chef's cooked with such ease even though they knew people were watching.

When dining there I suggest reservations. One of the cool things is that the Restaurant is on the strip, so there is a huge window with window seating. I would have loved to sit there, but there was a wait for those seats. Definitely worth the wait if you are able to wait.

Can't wait to dine again when we are in Las Vegas next year!

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