1895 Cajun Cuisine and Pub

1895 Cajun Cuisine and Pub recently opened in the shopping center near Party Time & Counter Culture. We were originally planning to have lunch at Counter Culture this particular day, but one of my friends Tammy saw this restaurant and asked if we had ever tried this restaurant. Well we decided to give this restaurant a try. 

Honestly, as a food blogger, you would have think that I knew about this new place. But, I am shame to say that I had never heard of this place. This past few months have been super busy for me, but I am picking up blogging again. Looking forward to some great places that have opened lately. 

Upon entrance into 1895, I must say that I was very impressed with the setup. Nice and clean restaurant with an elegant look. There was a good crowd of people there at lunch time. We were greeted by a friendly young lady who seated us immediately. 

She went over the special for the day and left us to look over the menu. The menu was very impressive there was such a variety of options to choose from. Because we had work to do afterwards, I decided to do something light so I wouldn't be stuffed. Lol

I decided on the sausage and chicken gumbo with rice, potato salad and a roll. If a restaurant can cook a good gumbo in my eyes, there other food will be delicious as well. Boy was I correct. The gumbo was superb. The gumbo was prepared with chicken breast that was shredded and andouille sausage. The roux was a beautiful brown. The taste of the roux was not heavy but amazing. The andouille sausage had a little kick. Great spice level. 

The rice, potato salad and bread were served on a plate. The potato salad was delicious as well. The bread was a french bread. I am not a fan of french bread but the bread wasn't bad at all.  

Daphne tried the special which consisted of pork tender loin or the pork roast with the green beans, yams and bread. Her plate looked amazing. Good ole' creole looking plate. Looking at the picture right now makes me want to go and cook some creole food. Lol. 

She said that her food was delicious. It definitely looked awesome! I did taste her yams and the yams were very good. I'm picky about my yams, but it was pretty good. The green beans looked awesome. I think that they were prepared with bacon and a little butter and seasoning. The meat had a beautiful brown color to it and appeared to be juicy and not dry on the inside. This plate was both colorful and presented well. 

My friend Tammy had the gumbo as well. She enjoyed her food as well. She decided on the cup of gumbo but even with the cup along with the rice, bread and potato salad wasn't a bad idea. Because it was a nice portion size as well.  

Overall 1895 was a nice place. My only complaint was that the chicken and sausage gumbo needed a little more shredded chicken. The food was fantastic. The restaurant is nice and clean. Great set up and friendly employees. I would definitely eat there again. I highly recommend it. 

The menu items range from fish tacos, sandwiches to po-boys, burgers. As well as Fish Acadiana, Pork Tenderloin, Tiliapa Lafayette, Appetizers. The list goes on and on. 

If you are looking for a quick meal for lunch this is a great place or even if you want a nice restaurant to enjoy with your loved ones or friends. This restaurant offers this versatility. 

The food was bought to the table fairly quickly and there are lunch specials to keep you on a budget. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The hours of operation for 1895 are Mondays 11am-2pm, Tuesdays- Thursdays 11am-9pm and Fridays-Saturdays 11:00 am-10pm & Sundays 11am-2pm. 1895 is located at 1895 West Pinhook Road, in Lafayette, 534-8955. 

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Norma Joes-Small spot but delicious

Norma Joes is a new drive thru restaurant located on the Northside of town. I have passed by this place several times and wanted to try her food. Well this particular day, I was headed to a meeting on that end of town and I had not eaten lunch. I didn't want fast food, so I decided to give Norma Joes a try. 

Upon arrival into the driveway, I had no idea what she served so I began to look over the menu. She has a menu posted on her building which gives the customers a chance to preview the menu and decide on what to order.

Upon arrival into the driveway, I had no idea what she served so I began to look over the menu. She has a menu posted on her building which gives the customers a chance to preview the menu and decide on what to order. 

I was undecided on whether or not I wanted the Creole wrap or the Smokey Bacon Chicken Wrap. The Parmesan Crusted Catfish topped with Cream Basil sauce also stood out to me. Lol.  I was on a health kick so I wanted something a little healthy. After a little deliberation, I chose the Creole Wrap. The Cajun Creole Wrap consisted of Creole Shrimp Sauce, Fried Catfish, crunchy iceberg lettuce in flour tortilla wrap with fries.  

Upon view of this tortilla, I was impressed. It looked amazing and the portion size was awesome for the cost. Pictured below is the wrap. The tortilla was toasted and cut in half. My first bite was absolutely delicious. She fried the catfish and made a creole sauce. The flavors were awesome. All of the ingredients together balanced each other out and complimented each other well. I couldn't eat the entire wrap. The fries were ok. Nothing over the top, but they were good. 

Norma Joes has a variety menu. Anything from burgers to wraps to Praline Chicken, Hot Dogs, Chicken sandwiches, etc.. Her menu is very creative and different. She has a lunch special each day that showcases one particular item along with her other menu items. Pictured below is her to go menu. 

Overall I was very impressed with Norma Joes. She was very friendly and the service was great. I am looking forward to trying something else at her place. I hope that she has great success, because her food is definitely worth every penny. 

The cost of her food is inexpensive for the type of food that she prepares. Mrs. Norma Joes is located at 406 Garfield Street, Lafayette, LA, 337-233-5958. They are opened Sun-Mon 10:30-2:30 Tues-Fri  10:30-3:00.  

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Jolie's Bistro - Not at all what I expected

A few months ago, I had the privilege of dining at Jolie's Bistro. Leading up to my dining experience, I had heard so many different opinions of the food at Jolie"s. I was pumped to actually have time to be able to dine at the restaurant for the first time. 

I arrived around noon time for lunch and the traffic in the restaurant was pretty steady. Which in most cases is a good sign. There is seating outside as well, for me that's a plus, because I enjoy sitting outside to eat. When I walked in, I was very impressed with the look of the restaurant. Great looking restaurant. The restaurant has the elegant feel but with a relaxed environment. The restaurant itself was very welcoming. I was greeted by a very kind hostess. She had a very pleasant attitude. 

I was seated in an elevated section of the restaurant in a booth area. Very comfortable area. I had an opportunity to gaze at the menu and there were several entrees that stood out to me. It was a little hard to decide what to order. Lol. 

The waiter came to the table and I must say that he wasn't very friendly at all. As the time, went on, I thought maybe he would warm up. Unfortunately, he didn't and his service was no better than his attitude. Which you would think in such an elegant and sophisticated restaurant that service would be top on their list, but I guess not. 

I noticed that there was bread on the table next to me, so I asked the guy if he could bring me some bread to my table. I was a little confused as to why the table next to me had bread and they came in after me. I don't know if it's upon request or what? Normally bread comes out to every table but hmmm, some way, I was missed. 

I will say that the bread (pictured above) was delicious. The butter was homemade and was great! Very good, but it should have been placed on my table without asking. 

I decided on the Shrimp and grits for my entree (pictured above). Presentation was very nice. The shrimp was prepared in a delicious brown sauce, with grits and toasted french bread. The shrimp were huge, but a bit overcooked and lacked seasoning. The sauce was very good, I think it was a vinegar base sauce. But it was superb. The grits were good as well. The bread was a little too toasted for my liking, but it was awesome to have to sock up the gravy yum, yum. Overall, my opinion of the shrimp and grits was it was good, but not the best I have had. With all the hype about the restaurant, I was a little disappointed because it was amazing like some people said. I am not saying that I will never go back, but this experience was not that great.

I also tried the mustard green which was prepared with butter, mushrooms, onions, cubed ham. It was awful. The dish was tough, lacked seasoning in a huge way. Omg. Awful. They should definitely remove that item from the menu or consider tweaking the dish. 

One thing that I thought was cool, was that the kosher salt is served in a silver bowl with a spoon. Cool idea.

Overall I will rate Jolie's Bistro as just ok. Maybe the dinner and brunch menu, food and service is better. So I will try this place again, but my first impression of this place was not that great.

I definitely believe they need some help in the service department. Jolie's may have had a bad day so I won't hold it completely against them.

Jolie's is located at 507 West Pinhook Rd, 504-2382. Like them on Facebook or check out their website at http://www.jolieslouisianabistro.com/ . The hours of operations are Sunday 10:30am-2pm, closed for dinner, Monday closed all day, Tues-Thurs 11am-2pm for lunch and 5pm-9pm, and Fri-Sat 11am-2pm for lunch and 5pm-10pm.

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Bangkok Thai -Interesting Place

This post is long overdue. I had the pleasure of dining with two ladies that I have grown to love over a short period of time. We were out taking care of some business and stopped to grab a bite to eat. So we decided to try Bangkok Thai. Daphne had been there a few times but for Tammy & I it was our first time. 

I have seen this place many times in passing but just never stopped. So I was thrilled to be able to try Bangkok Thai. I couldn't wait to see if it would be one of my tastee places in Lafayette. 

Starting out we were given complimentary broth. The broth consisted of onions, celery, chives, cabbage, parsley and cucumbers. The broth was very tasteful. So good and warm. Definitely warmed the body. 

Daphne & Tammy ordered the Pad Pak Stir Fried with the brown rice (Pictured above). The stir fried dish came with assorted veggies in an oyster sauce including shrimp, corn, onions, bell peppers and broccoli. The spice level was medium. I didn't try the shrimp but I had some of the gravy with my rice and I must say that the sauce was awesome. The spice level was perfect. Both of the ladies said that the dish was really good. 

I ordered the Pad Kaprao (pictured below). The dish had bell peppers, onions, carrots and string beans with Thai chili pepper in a spicy hot basil sauce. I ordered my dish with a mild spice level because of the chili pepper and spicy basil sauce. But, I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't spicy enough. The dish itself was very good. Next time I will order the dish with medium spice. Other than that, I was very pleased with the food. I ordered white rice, the other ladies ordered brown rice. They were on their health kick that week. Lol. 

The environment was good. The waitress was very kind and polite. Bangkok Thai is a nice, quiet spot for lunch if you want to get in and out quickly. This is the place to be. Prompt service. 

There was a steady lunch crowd, which is always a good sign. I am looking forward to going back and try something else. The food is inexpensive. The menu offers a variety of dishes like soups, salads and noodle dishes. 

Bangkok Thai is located at 3904 Johnston Street, 337-989-2910. The hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 11:00am-10:00pm.  Check this place out. Like them on Facebook. 

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Azteca's - Disappointed

Azteca's is a Mexican restaurant that has been around for awhile. My little family & I had never been to Azteca's so we decided to try it one day after church. We wanted to dine at a restaurant that had a television so we could watch the game. Loved the fact that there were several flat screen televisions that were visible in most places in the restaurant. 

Azteca's salsa was good but wasn't as spicy as we like our salsa. The texture of the salsa was a bit on the chunky side which is the way we like it. We also tried the white queso (pictured below) at Azteca's. We were very disappointed, because the queso was milky and had no flavor. 

Jaeda ordered the Chicken tenders with fries. One plus is that there is a kid's menu. We love to find restaurants that have kid's menus so we can share it with our friends. The Chicken tenders (pictured below) was very dry & overcooked. The fries were ok, nothing to brag about to anyone. 

My honey ordered the Seafood Fiesta which consisted of the seafood enchilada,  topped with sour cream (he doesn't like sour cream, so his had cheese on top), seafood chimichanga with 4 spicy sauteed shrimp, with rice and beans. Brian wasn't very pleased with the dish. He said that the dish was ok, but needed help, lacking salt and seasoning. The rice and beans were not bad. 

I ordered the Mexican Sampler. The Sampler consisted of your choice of beef or chicken quesadilla (I chose beef), 2 stuffed jalapenos, 2 Sante Fe egg rolls & Fiesta nachos and served with sour cream and guacamole. The Sante Fe egg rolls were not that great. The egg rolls had too much black beans in it. Chili's egg rolls are much better than Azteca's egg rolls. The stuffed shrimp was probably my favorite item that day. I could have eaten just the stuffed shrimp. The nachos were average, nothing special. I make better nachos than that at my house. Lastly, the beef quesadillas they could have kept. So overall my dish was awful, it wasn't for the stuffed shrimp this dish would have been a waste of time and money. I will say, I am glad that we had a living social deal because I would have complained to the fullest. Just a disappointment!

My favorite thing of this dining experience was the hand-painted pictures. They were beautiful. I was more intrigued with the pictures than the food. There are friends of ours who love Azteca's, but we hated our experience and the food.

Overall our experience was disappointing. We waited 5-8 minutes to be seated. In addition, we weren't even acknowledged until it was time to be seated, which was very unprofessional. The food was terrible. I think I would have preferred to go home and eat instead of dining there after church that Sunday. Thank God we had the coupon from Living Social. So instead of paying $40.00 for nasty food we paid $20.00.  I will say that our waiter was very nice and polite. Azteca's needs to go back to the drawing board with some of their menu options or get new cooks, because the food we had should have been much better for the cost. 

Azteca's is located at 3535 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Lafayette, LA 70503, 337-769-1088.  

 If you have dined at Azteca's let me know your experience. Were they having an off day?? I want to hear from you!!

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Sushi Roxx - Always a great experience

Sushi Roxx is a place we love to eat. One of the reasons is that the environment is quiet and relaxing for us. Just recently my husband & I met there for lunch one day. We were able to order our lunch and enjoy some time together. The sushi bar is our favorite place to sit in the restaurant.

There are many sushi restaurants here in Lafayette, but very few of them have such a nice atmosphere. We have tried several of them, but there is just something about Sushi Roxx that we love. Sushi Roxx is located in a bit of an odd place but the Broussard area is growing rapidly. 

We tend to try the same thing all the time because it is so good. As a starter, we ordered the Roxx'n Shrimp. The Shrimp is fried then tossed in a special sauce. This shrimp appetizer is amazing. The shrimp is fried perfectly with a little crisp on it. The sauce is delicious. The shrimp is served on a small bed of lettuce. A must try if you dine at Sushi Roxx. 

As you can see we enjoy sitting at the Sushi Bar. We enjoy watching the Shokunin (Sushi Chef) prepare our sushi rolls. We always say if we watch enough we will be able to make our own sushi at home. We have yet to attempt making a sushi roll. Kmsl, why do it when you can get the best service at a restaurant like this one! 

Sushi Roxx has several roll choices. There are many to choose from both raw & cooked. We decided on the Yo Momma Roll & Crunchy Craw Daddy.

The Sushi Chefs do an awesome job with preparing the rolls and making the rolls quickly and efficiently. The presentation is always phenomenal.

The Crispy Craw Daddy (pictured below) is a sushi roll with sauteed crawfish, snowcrab, cream cheese, jalapeno & panko fried with wasabi. This is one of my favorite rolls. The pepper will catch you off guard, but so so good!!

Yo Momma rolls consisted of fried snapper, cream cheese, snowcrab, jalapeno, cucumbers, topped with sliced avocado & crabsticks, spicy mayo & tempura flakes. Omg.. Amazing. The rolls is spicy but delicious. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the roll. Pictured below.  

Sushi Roxx has over 30 sushi rolls to choose from. In addition, there are several appetizers. Egg rolls, Spring rolls, Beef Tataki, Edamame just to name a few. There is also a few Soups & Salads on the menu. 

For those who may prefer a full meal, the Entrees are served with soup. There are a variety of Fried rice options to choose from as well and a kids menu. So with all that being said, there is guaranteed to be something on the menu to accommodate everyone in the family. 

I love the decor of the restaurant. The decor is very contemporary. In addition, very clean and neat. The  restaurant is very laid back, but definitely a great place for a date night, a family outing or a place to grab lunch. 

Overall, we were satisfied with our visit at Sushi Roxx. Our only complaint is that the service was a little slow for the appetizers. The sushi came out quickly. Other than that, everything was awesome. Sushi Roxx is definitely on my list of Tastee Places... Yum.

Sushi Roxx is located at 4016 Highway 90, Broussard, LA, 330-2147. Like them on Facebook. 

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